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About me - Christopher Andrew Priest


I am a fully qualified Counsellor with experience within the care industry.


Previous to that, I have 16 years experience in high end, high pressurised business. 


In my time I have suffered and witnessed the stresses and depression life can inflict on us in both personal and work related circumstances. 

I began studying Counselling to help with my own path and discovered that I thoroughly enjoyed it and have a passion for helping others.

I have since dedicated my career to helping others. 


I am a dedicated father to my beautiful daughter who teaches me more everyday than I could ever learn from a book. 

I have been married and divorced.

I have lost loved ones and friends.

I have bought and sold houses.

I have had bad hair days, and good ones

I am a professional musician and singer (didn't see that one coming did you)?

I have had Counselling and it did help me. 


Above all, I am approachable. Please feel free to get in touch if you would be interested in a free, no obligation, introductory meeting.


Thank you for reading. 

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