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Working with Young People in care

I regularly work with Young People in care through residential homes and local authorities. 

The young people I work with have remarkably different backgrounds, personalities and beliefs. But every one of them has taught me something. 

My work in this field is based around learning emotional control, building confidence, learning life skills and positive behaviour encouragement. 

Working with 

Young People 

In care

I work in partnership with residential homes, schools and local authorities. 

I feel it is important to work together with those involved in caring for a young person. That may include a social worker, a residential home team, teachers and family members. After all, we are all here for the same reason.... to help.

I have experience in creating and managing in house, reward based programmes designed to encourage positive behaviour and have assisted in improving relationships within the residential home setting. 

In addition to working with the young people, I provide my counselling services to professionals working within the industry. I have a keen understanding of how emotionally difficult these life events can be for all involved. 

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